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Great Eating Snacking at Cake Batter Batter and Lizard Lips Cycling for 99

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

We all got our lizards!

Drizzling all day and the winds were moderate but still no tailwind. Hopin’ Kansas winds are with us tomorrow on our final day in this state. Kansas has an abundance of good roads and great people.

Cake Batter Batter staff – great muffins and coffee!

Stopped for breakfast at the Cake Batter Batter shop to meet Deanna Jensen and her staff.

Also got to meet Gary at the Lizard Lips Convenience store (see above photo). Got to see a bunch of humming birds and got our own lizard momento to attach to the brake cable.

Right before bed got a nasty hamstring cramp. I guess this is in rebellion to the 99 mile ride today.😩

One more day left in Kansas!

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