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Great Rest and Rejuvenation With Cheers, Food, and Hospitality

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Started out Saturday with head and cross winds that surprisingly got better as the day progressed. The nice thing about this day was that we were to be hosted by the Beckman family for the next two days for a much needed break in the trip. Being just over half way on the overall Trans America Adventure was a great time to regroup and get rejuvenated to start the home stretch.

Words cannot express how wonderful a visit it was with the Beckman’s. Arriving Saturday afternoon to cheering people is something the Trans America Team is not accustomed to as we arrived at their family car dealership in McPherson KS.

Left our bikes there and got swooped off to their beautiful home to clean up, do laundry and partake of a feast that King Solomon couldn’t have topped. What more could weary cyclers ask for?

It gets better! We got a tour of Lindsborg a town known as Little Sweden USA. Lots of Swedish culture carried on in this quaint Midwest town.

Lindsborg called the Little Sweden USA

One of those traditions is a Dala Horse. The global attention didn’t come until the 20th century in the World’s Fair in New York 1939, where Dala horses represented Sweden. After this, the Dala horses were seen as a symbol of Sweden.

Of course I had to ride one!

Never heard of a Dala before Little Sweden – they’re everywhere!

Sunday consisted of a home church service with music on the piano and cello by Suzanna Beckman. Later Suzanna on the cello and her older sister Elizabeth on the piano played some wonderful songs to calm the soul. Guess what else we did? EAT! The guys are carrying a few extra pounds to haul across the USA, but we are not complaining.

Last of all, in earlier posts I mentioned having a gashed tire. The newly ordered one did not get to the Beckman’s on time and will arrive later on Monday. Miles Beckman and/or another member of the family will wait until the tire arrives and track us down the road to bring it to us.

I’m rolling on borrowed time with this patched tire. Again the Beckman’s have graciously helped the team and particularly me to keep rolling. God provides His angels all along this journey and we are grateful.

None of this is deserved. I’ve just met the Beckman’s and they have treated me like a part of their family. This is God giving the team great rest and rejuvenation with cheers, food, and hospitality and gives a little taste of what heaven will be like. Pedaling on purpose across the USA we are a blessed Trans America Team indeed!

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