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Mechanical Woes – Adventure Within An Adventure

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The problems on this trip for me continued – 6 flat tires, gashed tire needing replaced, front shifter replaced, gears needing adjusted, chain replaced, 2 new tires and now the rear gear shifter cable broke and needed repaired. A major problem as hills began appearing on the terrain. Doc Ewig and assistant Jerry “operating” on my gear shifting broken cable. They got it functioning enough to get me 3 gears for the ride to Pittsburg Kansas and the Tailwind Cyclists bike shop. The silver lining of “woes” is that problems draw out the awesome generosity of people and makes pedaling on purpose worth it. Jeff, one of 5 different people to offer us anything from something to drink to driving me and my bike 15 miles to Pittsburg to get it repaired.

Roger, Tailwind Cyclists bike shop owner in Pittsburg KS, but lived in Pittsburgh PA in the past. Even after we left Kansas, they just kept offering help. In all the turmoil of the day, I left 2 of my water bottles back at Tailwind Cyclists bike shop. We’re riding down the road and here comes a car, pulls ahead of us and stops with the flashers on in the middle of the road. Out comes one of the guys from Tailwind with my water bottles. We were already in Missouri and probably about 15 miles from the shop. Roger and his staff went above and beyond what we expected. Those Kansanites were something else!

Roger at Tailwinds Cyclists

Although we never did get a tail wind for riding in Kansas, the Trans America Team began with the Beckman’s (SEE …) awesome hospitality and ended with a memorable Tailwind (Cyclists) experience. Kansas people and riding was great, but I guess I’ll have to keep on pedaling to get to MY Pittsburgh.

What H’s did I miss? Leave your comments below.

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