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Pittsburg KS – Somethin’ About Dhat Miss’n H!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Pittsburg Kansas

A native Pittsburgh PA person pedaling on purpose on the TA2020 great adventure through Pittsburg KS, not only did I notice a missing H in the spelling, but a bunch of other stuff not here as well.

KS straight on and on for miles

NO hills

NO Hungarian Clubs or Polish haluski

NO Heinz Field or Museum

NO Homestead, Hill District, Homewood or Highland Park Bridge

NO Hollis Haff – my pastor

They also got stuff us Pittsburghers don’t have:

There ain’t no Pittsburg High School (see above)

Nah, no Pittsburg State University either

They don’t say “dhantahn” da right way here!

Where’s home? I live on Kansas Avenue, but this Kansas isn’t quite like it.

Pittsburg KS is a nice place to visit, but without the Stillers, sweepers, gum bands, shopping buggy’s, people that redd up and all my other favorite this n’ nat’s; there’s no substitute for the Burg with an H!

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