• Dan Mularski


Updated: Apr 15

My right pedal started failing. As I pedaled it would slide away from the bike and stop turning. To compensate I had to pull the pedal back toward the bike on every up stroke. The problem started early on Friday, the next bike shop would be Trans Am Cycling in Farmington, MO, 171 miles away. Their phone message indicated they would be open on Saturday but closed on Sunday and Monday. I left a message asking if there was any way I could get the pedals on Sunday. So we began to pray that God would work it out. On Saturday LT,the owner of the bike shop, returned my call informing me the shop would be open on Sunday from noon to 5. As it turns out LT has a customer appreciation day twice a year and Sunday was one of those days. It was a festive time at the bike shop as I pulled in to get news pedals. The folks there celebrating the ride they had completed with hotdogs and hamburgers, me celebrating God’s Providence.

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